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Messi, Salah, Van Dijk and other special FIFA 20 Champions League cards are explained

(Credit: EA)

The FIFA 20 UCL cards are back, but this time there are some differences in operation. Since EA Sports has acquired the license for FIFA 19, they have optimally used exclusivity and introduced even more variations in FIFA 20. In this manual, the different types of FIFA 20 UCL cards as well as their possibilities will be explained on them.

How do FIFA 20 UCL cards work?

FIFA 20 UCL cards have another design as standard gold cards. UCL games are equipped with white text on a blue background and are granted to all players with gold rating qualified for this year's Champions League. From the Premier League, tickets are only available for Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City.

With regard to the statistics, FIFA 20 UCL cards work differently than in FIFA 19th Last year, each player with a UCL card was added by +1 to its standard gold card rating. Now both gold and UCL cards have the same rating. This sounds a bit pointless.

However, UCL cards are much less common than standard gold and are needed for certain SBCs in the coming season. Do not write it as worthless. Especially since many pay a bonus to own them, simply because they prefer the design.

Can FIFA 20 UCL cards change?

The basic versions remain hanging up to the advent of FIFA 21 with the same rating. However, you can also receive FIFA 20 Road to the Final Cards, which are all the higher the further the team progresses in the course of the tournament.

These make what it promises - each time a player achieves a UCL or UEL progress with one of these cards, the OVRS is updated by +1 valuation point. Below is the evaluation table of FIFA 19, which is repeated in FIFA 20. Marcos Alonos's Uel Road to the Final article rose, for example, over the season from 84 to 91, as Chelsea gradually depict all six requirements.

UEFA Champions League Upgrades: - Rise to the KO phase - victory in the first leg of the secondary finals - Climbing into the quarterfinals - Climbing into the semifinals - ascent to the final - win the finale

Upgrades for the UEFA Europa League: - Rise to the KO phase - Ascent to the second round - Climbing into the quarterfinals - Climbing into the semifinals - ascent to the final - win the finale

What are the 10 best FIFA 20 UCL cards?

1. Lionel Messi (RW, Barcelona) 94 2 . Cristiano Ronaldo (St, Piemonte Calcio) 93 3 . Neymar Jr. (LW, Paris) 92 4 =. Kevin de Bruyne (Cam, Manchester City) 91 4 =. Eden Hazard (LW, Real Madrid) 91 4 =. Jan Oblak (GK, Atletico Madrid) 91 7 =. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen (GK, Barcelona) 90 7 =. Mohamed Salah (RW, Liverpool) 90 7 =. Virgil van Dijk (CB, Liverpool) 90 7 =. Luka Modric (CM, Real Madrid) 90

The best active player in the game without UCL card is the 89-year-old David de Gea of ​​Manchester United.

Are there any other types of UCL cards I should know?

Yes. In addition to the base cards UCL and Road to the Final, you can also have TEAM OF THE GROUP Stage tickets with the best players in the group stage. At some point there will also be Team of the Tournament cards when the champions and the Europa League end in summer.

How do I get FIFA 20 UCL cards?

Mostly in packs, similar to the basic cards of the game. UCL objects are rarer than gold cards, but not as rare as FIFA 20 TOTW or FIFA 20 OTW items. The better the player is, the less likely it is that they pack him.

From time to time, EA releases a Squad Building Challenge at which you receive two or three UCL cards. In FIFA 19, this was usually a terrible value, and they had to submit a UCL card * and * ten other players for another crack on the UCL roulette wheel. I recommend that you avoid this method unless you do not have to remove tradable UCL cards.

The fastest and easiest way is to use the transfer market. Of course, that can be very expensive - at the time of printing, you will even retain 9,000 coins from Olivier Giroud (82) - but unlike packs or SBCs, you know exactly what you get for your money. And if you use the FIFA 20 coin leader of Gr, you should be flush with the game currency anyway throughout the season.

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